What Makes Us Different?

Salud Mesoamérica Initiative is based on an operating model that acts on both the supply of and the demand for basic services.

Governments determine the priorities and projects to be funded within the fields identified

The specific components of the program include: the use of an innovative results based funding model, the implementation of health policies based on evidence, and the creation of incentives to increase the use of quality services by the poorest.

  • The Initiative has an integrated focus: improving the coverage and quality of services, promoting the use of health services and the adoption of healthier practices by poor households.
  • Results Based Financing model: the funds of the Initiative allocated by country will be complimented by national funds for carrying out operations. In the event that the results are achieved (changes in policies, coverage and the quality of the health services agreed upon with the countries) the Initiative will reimburse half the amount contributed by the governments to be used in the health sector. To verify the results, rigorous independent assessments will be carried out in the poorest communities throughout project implementation.
  • The Initiative promotes a national and regional policy dialogue to improve access, coverage and the quality of health services as well as the allocation and focus of government health budgets for the health of their poorest populations.
  • The Initiative differs from other international programs in that the participating countries do not compete for funds. Amounts are allocated for five-year periods by country based on what is needed to close the health equity gap. Moreover, individual governments determine the priorities and projects to be funded within the fields identified.
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